Time Sheet Instructions

Hi Team –

I have moved the company accounting to the cloud – many reasons including trying to get some help.

Another reason is to allow direct entry of timesheets by all of you; hurray hurray – I can hear the echoes of your cheers now! I think this company has an entire team who really does love the work, and cannot stand any of the administration – that includes me! So I dearly appreciate you cooperation in this sharing of the administration.

You will get an email from the qb online system – sent to your @goconsulting.biz email, inviting you. You will need to create an account with qb online.

Time Sheet fields:

  • Customer – you better know this one
  • Service item – I distinguish efforts that are part of our PM plans from project, audio-visual, statistical, web and social media related work.  Ask me if you are not sure.
  • Notes – I do read these! This is your text for what you actually did. Do not abbreviate it. Do not leave the default/generic description! Please enter your own words.
  • Time – I think we keep time to the quarter hour (15 minutes).
  • Billable – Please do not check this box! We do not bill hour for hour as we established a preventative maintenance plan with our clients. We track hours against this plan.

Note that there is a “copy last sheet” button at the bottom that I use quite often…

Thanks for your cooperation!