“Jerry O’Keefe and his team at GO Consulting have been an integral part of visioning and planning for our IT needs over the last four years.

Jerry’s expertise has been indispensible in planning for the technology needs of our staff in our new Parish Center. He and his team provided for network needs as well as telecommunication needs for the new center. Jerry is currently working with the Pastor and I in our strategic planning efforts. He will integrate how IT can support our goal and objectives for the future. He is also working on a whole new look for our website. He is providing a new design layout and navigation for the site.

Jerry truly understands the day to day operations of the parish and is able to maintain and upgrade our technology to meet the needs of our staff, volunteers and parishioners. He and his team provide exceptional service!”

“While instituting a new program for the state of Maryland, I hired Jerry to recommend software to help manage the program’s site visits, personnel assignments and collected information. After an extensive search of available software in our price range, Jerry recommended that we would be better served with a custom system. I was hesitant. In the past, I experienced problems as the beta site for a program. Later, however, I worked with Jerry and had confidence in his ability to deliver a quality product.

We went with Go Consulting and now have a program that exactly matches our needs. Jerry has been with us every step of the way, ensuring that everything works properly and all applications are user-friendly. This was definitely the right decision.”

“GO Consulting has been a partner with our Parish for two years. With their capable assistance and oversight we have a new telephone system that unifies the campus (parish office, church, and school). GCI has also been instrumental in upgrading and maintaining the technology of the parish and working in partnership with vendors and suppliers to obtain the best pricing and equipment.

Because they understand the needs of parish life, they are able to provide efficient and effective service.”

“The team at GCI is our valued business partner for network infrastructure, security, IT and telecommunications.

As a small suburban parish, we have growing needs for effective tools for empowering our mission areas to share the gospel of Christ with all we encounter. We depend on Jerry to guide us to the most effective tools to communicate with parishioners, support staff and volunteer ministries.

In a few short years, we have accomplished so much with the help of GCI!”

“It was a real pleasure working with GO Consulting. They were always easy to work with; supportive of our plan; and provided excellent guidance at every level of the project.

One thing that was particularly important to us was that GO Consulting asked us what we wanted from a curriculum analysis tool (database). They worked very closely with our department to develop the tool that we wanted and to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of that tool. The end result was a curriculum analysis tool (CAT) that allowed us to assess our curriculum according to our specifics needs and future goals.

Another very important aspect of our work with GO Consulting was their willingness to work within our budgetary constraints. GO Consulting was instrumental in the maximization of our resources for developing this project. They helped us to effectively use our budgetary resources while maximizing the effectiveness of the CAT.

Now that the CAT is in place, GO Consulting has provided excellent customer service. They have been there to work out any bugs, and there have not been many, that have surfaced during the utilization of the CAT. Their service has been timely and very effective.”

“Jerry O'Keefe designed our original web page, and designed and built our network infrastructure. Jerry was instrumental in developing a laptop cart which allowed the elementary school to have a mobile virtual computer lab anywhere. With his guidance, we were able to update our parish wide communication system to unify the campus (parish office, church and two schools). Under his leadership, we were able to consolidate, streamline and upgrade our technology. We remain appreciative of all that he did.”

“Dear Mr. O’Keefe:

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team for the continued efforts on our system installs, upgrades, and maintenance. GO Consulting has been a valuable and reasonable partner for helping our business to maintain the technological focus we need to streamline our processes, and deliver the exemplary services that out members deserve. All that we have been able to accomplish over the years with GO Consulting has truly put us closer to the forefront of what other Clubs are trying to accomplish as well, with the added benefit of our system security.

Again, thank you and your team for all your hard work and dedication.”

“...none of us were experienced enough to even know which questions to ask. A scary thought, when you are relying on an outsider to guide you through the unknown. And then we were introduced to GO Consulting; from the first meeting, we knew we were in good hands.

Jerry O’Keefe, our primary consultant, has made himself available on numerous occasions outside of scheduled visits to the Club, either talking us through or remotely accessing, he has put us “back in business” when we needed it most. He has also advised us in safety precautions.

We have gained in so many ways, from improving our network, our website and our email capabilities, to learning self help measures which saves us even more time and expense. We just can’t say enough about the benefits of this relationship... Although an outside contractor, Jerry seems to be part of the staff, he just doesn’t show up on our payroll register.

Hiring GO Consulting has been one of the wisest business decisions we’ve ever made!”

“Dear Jerry,

Your expertise, delivered in simple laymen’s terms to our Non–Geek department, has proven to be invaluable... our website is another testimony to your diligence and hard work. The Web Content Management system was built in such a user friendly way that it can be maintained, quite easily, by our Marketing Manager in house...

We have thoroughly enjoyed working and learning from you and look forward to updating new technology as it comes available in the future.”