Setting Up for Remote Work



How do I work remote work if all of my files are on the server in the office?



Your best option for remote work is using your cloud based suite — GSuite or Office 365.

You should copy files from your server and/or office machine to your cloud based suite. If you need help with this, let GCI know.




For the sake of full disclosure and your understanding, we will explain the other remote methods. We are not recommending these alternatives.

GCI uses a remote desktop application called Splash top to remote into workstations to support you. If you want to use this method, it will cost $30/user per year (this is discounted through GCI) and requires installs at both the host (office desktop) and remote (home computer). You are essentially sitting in front of your office desktop when operating. Since most office work is not using client/server software anymore, this option is expensive and unnecessary in light of the cloud based suites.

For our clients that have the current Meraki appliance, VPN is an option. The VPN can be used to access the office LAN — so you have access to the server, printers at the office, etc. The VPN requires an account setup and a setup on the remote workstation. The best machine to use this method is a laptop that is used both in the office (part of Active Directory) and remotely. Otherwise, you need to use file explorer to map to the server to access files. The setup of the VPN and file mapping can be a techy challenge.

In summary, GCI is recommending you use your cloud based suite. All you need to do is copy files from your server and/or office machine to your cloud based suite. Again, let GCI know if you need help with this.