COVID-19 Signs Seen…

Signs “seen” around during the Corona Virus “stay at home” time period:

  1. Honk if you have covid
  2. I never liked Corona
  3. I stay home for my mom
  4. Home is where the heart is
  5. Honk to cure covid
  6. I ❤️ first responders
  7. I ❤️ my mom
  8. Don’t worry, be happy
  9. Which has a higher peak: Mount Everest or COVID-19
  10. Keep calm and watch Netflix
  11. Batman’s secret lair was originally built so he could self-quarantine
  12. I want to be where the people are
  13. Peace, love, and staying home
  14. Live, Laugh, Love, Stay Home
  15. Heading home, are you?
  16. Don’t make me measure 6 feet
  17. April is for distancing, May is for existing
  18. Homeward bound
  19. Staying Home, so the odds may be ever in your favor
  20. Today is: Saturday!
  21. Traffic is now our Social Interaction
  22. Honk if you have TP
  23. Honk if you need TP
  24. Are you touching your face?